Newborn Photography Prep Guide

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How to prepare for your babies' session with Amy Kumpf Photography and what to expect before, during and after your newborn photoshoot.  


1. Schedule your session date - I recommend scheduling your baby's photos prior to his/her arrival. By scheduling your newborn session ahead of time this frees you up from trying to remember to do so after the baby is born. You will have a lot going on after your new bundle of joy is finally here. I like to photograph babies between the first 7 - 14 days. The first few weeks of life, babies sleep more and are easier to pose because they still like to be curled up and wrapped.


2. Schedule your session time - I schedule baby's photos in the morning time at 10am, Newborns tend to sleep more in the morning. I like babies to be asleep for their photography session, this makes posing easier and alloys me to get those cute, posed shots that you see on my newborn photography page.


3. Breastfeeding - If you are a mom who is breastfeeding keep in mind what you eat your baby also eats. I recommend not eating anything that may cause your baby to get an upset tummy starting 48 hours before your scheduled newborn session. This will help prevent fussiness, diarrhea, gas and any discomfort. This will help to make your newborn session go smoothly. 


4. What to bring for baby - Before leaving the house put your baby in a fresh lose diaper and have them in loose fitting pajamas that zip up or button up, nothing that needs to go over baby's head. The loose diaper will help to prevent diaper lines on babies skin and having baby in a button up or zip up will make it easier for me to keep baby asleep while undressing him/her. Have a pacifier with you even if you don't plan on using one with your baby. Having a pacifier will help soothe your baby during the session if he/she gets fussy and will help to keep the session running smoothly. If you are bottle feeding baby, please be sure to bring a few bottles with you as we may need to stop during the session for a feeding if baby gets hungry. 


5. What to bring for yourself - A newborn session can last between 1.5 - 3 hours depending on baby. Use this time to sit and relax. You can bring along a book, tablet, phone etc. to help pass the time. Also, bring along some snacks and drinks in case you get hungry. 


6. Arriving at the studio - When you get to the studio you can come right in. Please leave baby in their car seat, I will take them out when we are ready. If baby is sleeping, we will go ahead and start the session right away, if baby is awake, we will go ahead and feed baby to get them nice and full and sleepy. 


7. Siblings - If we are doing family/sibling portraits with your newborn I recommend driving separately, this way after the family and sibling photos are done you are able to take them home. A newborn session takes a long time and can be too much for a little one to handle. The heat in the studio will also be turned up to around 80 degrees to help keep baby asleep and comfortable during their newborn session. If you choose to keep siblings at the studio that is totally ok as well. I do recommend bringing drinks and food for them as they tend to get hungry during this time. I have a T.V in my back room where it stays cooler. There is a park across the street from the studio that you can take them to if you choose. 


8. Studio Temperature - The studio will be nice and warm when you arrive. I set my heat at 80 degrees for newborn photoshoots. This will help to keep baby warm and comfortable when doing undressed poses. Make sure you dress with this in mind. 


9. Studio Lighting - For family and sibling poses I use natural light from my front windows. When photographing just baby I will cover up my windows and use a soft diffused studio light.  


10. Studio Noise - I will be using a white noise machine during your newborn photoshoot. This will mimic the noise baby was used to hearing for the past 9 months, this will help to keep baby calm and relaxed.


11. After the session - After your session is completed it will take me about 2 - 2.5 weeks to have your full online gallery ready for you. When your gallery is ready, I will email you the link with the private password to enter your gallery, here you will be able to download the images that were included in your session.  


Amy Kumpf Photography is a Buffalo Newborn Photographer who specializes in newborn babies, maternity, families, boudoir and high school senior portraits.  To book a session you can send an email to [email protected] or click on the contact Amy tab at the top of my website.


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